Diocese of Portsmouth
Registered Charity No: 1128975

Newsletter – 24th September 2010



Please see below for the latest information regarding the Refurbishment of St. Mary's Church.


The new chairs have been ordered. Several people have donated money towards the purchase of the chairs in memory of their loved ones or for special occasions. The Revenue has confirmed that the church can reclaim tax for the donations through the Gift Aid Scheme. Details from Angela & Keith Teesdale or here.

Nave Floor

Floor tiles being laid The piping for the under floor heating and the ducting for the power and lighting cables has been covered by 85mm (approximately 3.5 ins) of screed, made up of a mixture of sand and cement, in preparation for laying down the new floor.

Floor Tiles

The Purbeck stone floor tiles have been delivered to the church and a stonemason will begin laying down the floor. (See the last newsletter for more pictures.)

Electrical Installation

The installation of the new lighting system in the upper part of the nave and chancel is underway. The position of the primary speakers for the digital organ has been finalised – these will be placed on the arches to the eastern end of the north and south aisles and the sound directed towards the nave.

Central Heating Boilers

Two gas boilers will be installed in the old vestry to supply hot water for the under floor heating, and radiators in the nave and the chancel. If one boiler is out of commission then the second boiler could continue to support the under floor heating. However the two boilers do allow for an expansion of the heating system should a vestry be built outside the church.


The architect issues certificates at specific stages in the development of the project. An assessment is made of how much legitimate work has been done and its value calculated. The Church is then instructed to pay the appropriate amount to the contractor.
The first certificate of £28,000 was for the excavation of the nave floor; the second certificate of £113,000 is for the work done since the nave floor was excavated through to rebuilding the floor to prepare for laying down the new floor tiles.


The project is 3 weeks behind schedule as a sub-contractor had to be replaced.


Bryn Jones
for Revd. Paul Ginever

24th September 2010