Diocese of Portsmouth
Registered Charity No: 1128975

Newsletter – 5th December 2010



Please see below for the latest information regarding the Refurbishment of St. Mary‘s Church.


The under floor heating has been installed together with supplementary heating in the form of nave and the chancel radiators.

Two gas boilers have been installed in the old vestry. A gas supply has been laid from the vestry and connected via a meter to the gas mains in Church Road.

Nave Floor

The nave floor has been laid with Purbeck stone. Purbeck stone is also being used for the surface of the dais. The steps of the dais will be finished with white Portland stone.


The Street Pulpit has been installed in its new position on the side of the left hand column leading into the chancel.


This is due to be installed in a central position in the nave.

Electrical Installation

The New Church Lighting The New Church Lighting

The installation of the new lighting system in the upper part of the nave and under the tower has been completed. The existing chancel lights have been rewired. A new control system for all the lights has been installed in the Vestry. Additional controls have been installed inside each entrance to the church.

CCTV System

The CCTV system is being updated with two new infrared cameras and a new recorder to capture any images. Subject to ratification by the PCC.

PA System

A new hearing loop has been installed under the floor. The old system will be updated with new loudspeakers directing the sound into the nave – the previous speakers will direct the sound down the side aisles and under the tower. New radio microphones will be used to cope with a change of frequency under Ofcom 2012 requirements. Subject to ratification by the PCC.


150 Irish Contract Chairs were delivered to the church at the end of October 2010. Donations have been received for nearly 110 chairs in memory of their loved ones or to celebrate special occasions. The church can reclaim tax for the donations through the Gift Aid Scheme. Details from Angela & Keith Teesdale or the church website www.haylinganglicans.co.uk/stmary.

Additional chairs are required to accommodate the expected congregation numbers following the re-opening of the church. Following consultation with the Treasurer, 100 Oxted range chairs (church members 2nd favourite to the Irish Contract Chair) have been ordered from the Alpha Company at a cost of £29.50 per chair. Subject to ratification by the PCC.


The new organ is due to be installed between the 7th and 8th December 2010.


The rendered areas and ceiling panels of the nave and the chancel have been redecorated. The Ten Commandment plaques have also been cleaned.


The architect issues certificates at specific stages in the development of the project.

The first certificate of £28,662 was for the excavation of the nave floor.

The second certificate of £113,085 was for the work done since the nave floor was excavated through to rebuilding the floor to prepare for laying down the new floor tiles.

The third certificate for £91,257 was for the value of the work completed since the second certificate.

The fourth certificate for £23,329 is for the value of the work completed since the third certificate. Our Treasurer has paid these amounts promptly. The contractor‘s total valuation for the project is £301,970, but 2.5% of this total will be held back for six months as is usual for large projects. The above total valuation does not include furnishings.

The Treasurer has confirmed that the total cost of the project is within budget.


Bryn Jones
for Revd. Paul Ginever

   5th December 2010